ERIN LANG : The foulding

ERIN LANG : The foulding

Une valeur montante dans la folk électronique. Une voie mélodieuse, une musicienne et interprète douée de talent, une personne ouverte et gracieuse . Dans un style autre style, mais tout aussi douée, Anna Calvi , Sarah Blasko Sarah Blasko - 'Planet New Year'et le groupe The Kills.


Le 17 octobre : Mechanic ondulatoir a 21H : Erin Lang & The Foundlings - 'Carried Away' / Live à la Mécanique Ondulatoire (Paris) - 17/10/2011. , Erin Lang - Session 603 : Studio 603 à Vevey - Septembre 2011.

Le 19 octobre : L'International 21H


Le 20 octobre : Chez IRAKLI - à 19:00

 Erin Lang - Happy To See You- Music Video - YouTube

Erin Lang & The Foundlings | Free Music, Tour Dates, Photos, Videos : Mountain Nights Tour Last Days, Mountain Nights TOUR! ( photos…),Tune into CKUT 90.3 FM live on the Internet, The Pussy Patrol Cat Adoption Page | Photos , 2011 Artist in Residence Series - Caleb - DAGGED OUT ,

Les ZacoustiKS: ERIN LANG - AnChOR : Voilà une nouvelle pierre blanche sur le chemin de nos sessions, doux moment passé avec des musiciens adorables...

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Erin Lang (born May 11, 1979) is a Canadian musician active mainly in Canada and England. Born in Montreal, her father is Steve Lang, bassist with 1970s Canadian rock band April Wine.[1][2][3] Her mother, Dale Lang, was a puppeteer and make up artist. She grew up in the Toronto suburb of Mississauga and passed up university scholarships to pursue a career in music. Her younger brother, Robin Lang, is a film maker.

In the summer of 2000, she met the English musician Roger O'Donnell, then keyboard player with The Cure, who encouraged her to concentrate on her solo career. The two have worked together since. In 2005, Lang and O'Donnell formed their own independent record label 99 Times out of 10 with the intention of helping unsigned bands. They are currently working on her debut album with Mario Thaler at his Uphon studio in Weilheim south of Munich, Germany.

Lang plays live with a collection of various musicians known collectively as The Foundlings.


  • Choose Your Own Adventure (EP)
  • Foundlings And Strays (EP) (Review)
  • You Are Found (LP) - Released May 11, 2010


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Paris @ La Mécanique Ondulatoire Sept 2010

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